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Why the food packaging machine should use the worm gear reducer with self-locking function

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Why the food packaging machine should use the worm gear reducer with self-locking function

Why does food packaging machine use worm gear reducer with self-locking function?
It's very common to use reducer in mechanical equipment such as food packaging machine. But there are gear reducer, planetary reducer, cycloid reducer. Why do we often see that the reducer used in food packaging machine is worm reducer?


According to Xiaobian, on the one hand, the price of worm gear reducer is relatively cheap, which makes it easy for the public to accept the price. On the other hand, the worm gear reducer has the characteristics that other reducers, such as gear reducer, do not have, that is, self-locking function.
Worm gear reducer has two parts: worm and worm. On the inside, the worm is on the top and the turbine is on the bottom, forming a three-dimensional structure. The worm can easily rotate the worm, but the worm cannot. This is because the structure and transmission of worm gear are realized by friction. Although the friction transmission mode of worm and gear also causes the transmission efficiency of worm and gear is much lower than that of gear reducer.
The worm gearing of the reducer has the function of self-locking, so it is necessary to apply it to the packaging machinery, because the self-locking of the reducer means that the reducer can not be started no matter how much torque, unless it rotates destructively. Not all worm gear reducers have very good self-locking function. The self-locking function of worm gear can be realized only when the speed ratio reaches a certain level. That is to say, the self-locking function of worm gear with small speed ratio is not so ideal.
In the food packaging machine, it is very common to use worm gear reducer with ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor. However, in order to better realize the self-locking function of the reducer under different operating conditions, the motor with brake should be selected for better motor effect. But why do you say that? Let me give you an example:
For example, on some heavy equipment, for example, the equipment load is 10 tons. If the worm gear reducer with self-locking is selected to replace the brake, it can only stop a little more than 3 tons, and the remaining 6 tons and nearly 7 tons will continue to run according to the original running track. From this example, you should understand that the self-locking function of worm gear reducer is not very big under this operating condition. In the case of heavy load equipment, the brake motor should be equipped to meet the operation requirements of the equipment.
Or you can choose a gear reducer without self-locking function. People who know how to do it will say that the brake motor can't brake in seconds, yes. The heavier the load, the longer the buffer time. Therefore, when selecting the reducer with brake motor, you should inform the reducer manufacturer or supplier of the load of your equipment as one of the reference data.
Worm gear reducer is a quite common type of reducer, but it contains so much knowledge. Therefore, those who are engaged in food packaging or who are interested in or need to use the reducer are welcome to pay attention to Foshan Yongkun precision mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., 15118744788 / 15118744788777

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