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Classic case
Three phase asynchronous motor for high pressure cleaning machine

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As shown in the figure is a cold water high-pressure cleaner. The motor used in the high-pressure cleaner is a three-phase asynchronous motor. The reason why three-phase asynchronous motor is used is that the output torque of asynchronous motor is large enough. The power is big, the pressure of the washing machine is enough, so that the cleaning equipment and so on can also achieve the effect of cleaning quickly. The design of this cleaning machine is as shown in the figure. The parameters selected on the motor can refer to the following:

technical parameter
Power supply 220 / 50 V / Hz
Water flow 15 L / min
Working pressure 150bar / 15MPa
Water inlet temperature 60 ℃
Connected load 3 kW
Speed 1450 rpm
We can buy three-phase asynchronous motor with three-phase voltage of 220V, rotating speed of 1450rpm, i.e. four pole motor, 3KW power

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