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Why do most devices use three-phase asynchronous motors instead of single-phase motors

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Boss, I need XXX watt three-phase asynchronous motor,
Beauty, I want XXX power three-phase asynchronous motor,
Three phase motors
Three phase asynchronous motor.
Yongkun motor business department, a manufacturer engaged in motor production, receives many inquiries for three-phase asynchronous motors every day. Why do most devices use three-phase asynchronous motors instead of single-phase motors? What's the amazing secret? Xiaobian will be announced for you.

First, let's understand the advantages of three-phase asynchronous motor:
1. Power generation: 50% higher than single-phase power supply
2. Power transmission: 25% less steel than single-phase power transmission
3. Power distribution: the three-phase transformer is more economical than the single-phase transformer and easy to connect to the load
4. Electric equipment: it has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
However, many netizens have other opinions, such as some think that the three-phase asynchronous motor is relatively simple to start, single-phase motor needs to be equipped with starting capacitance, and the control is relatively complex;
Some think that the biggest problem of single-phase motor is starting torque, because it can't produce asynchronous starting by itself, it needs external means to help, such as starting winding, starting capacitance. And the starting torque is restricted; the power of three-phase asynchronous motor can be from small to large, and the power range is very wide.
Some think that the magnetic field of three-phase motor is circular, and the magnetic field of single-phase capacitance split phase motor is elliptical. That is to say: instantaneous, the three-phase magnetic field vector size is the same, and the capacitance has pulsation. The reason is that the winding of two-phase motor can be made into 90 degree space angle. But the current can't be divided 90 degrees by the capacitance. So there are many problems. The performance of three-phase motor is much better than that of two-phase motor.
Of course, the answer or conclusion is not unique. You can also share your understanding. Because of the above advantages, the three-phase asynchronous motor has been widely used in power, which is the main power supply mode used in the current power system.

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